Helping 'Tent City' residents

Our staff work tirelessly to help lift people out of homelessness. Read about Ms. Crystal's journey with Community Link.
January 3, 2024

Ms. Crystal, a single woman in her 40s, came to Community Link through a referral in February of 2023. Her experience with homelessness began much sooner- she was living in “Tent City” until 2021 when our community partner was able to secure housing for Ms. Crystal and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was abusing her emotionally, verbally, and physically while living together in their apartment.

We worked to get her safe but temporary housing that was separate from her abuser. Ms. Crystal felt discouraged: “I never had stable housing and never really had guidance on how to help myself."

Community Link Caseworkers connected her to mental and physical health services, SNAP benefits, and more while providing supportive services as well. We helped secure safe, decent and affordable housing for Ms. Crystal in February 2023.

We are able to help Ms. Crystal because of generous donors like you.

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