Helping 'Tent City' residents

Our staff work tirelessly to help lift people out of homelessness. Read about Ms. Crystal's journey with Community Link.
April 19, 2023

Ms. Crystal was living in Tent City and relying on one income to support both her and her partner. They were rehoused and left Tent City, but Ms. Crystal started to experience domestic abuse from her partner. She was lost.. she never had stable housing and needed guidance so she turned to Community Link.

She was placed with one of our caseworkers, and received emergency temporary housing to ensure her safety. She was feeling lonely and mistrustful, "I'm not feeling confident to express anything to anyone." Her caseworker was patient with her and empathized with her complex feelings.

We were able to secure safe and affordable housing for Ms. Crystal. She and her caseworker have set personal goals to work towards while receiving assistance from Community Link. We connected her with mental health resources and other benefits like SNAP.