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If you have an immediate, non-emergency need to find shelter, please call 2-1-1.

Get Help

If you need help obtaining (and sustaining) safe, decent and affordable housing, to keep existing housing, or to prepare for homeownership, we may be able to assist you. We offer two programs for our clients, with a variety of services and solutions. Eligibility and resources differ by service. 

Read our program information below to determine which of our programs fits your situation, or call us at (800) 977-1969 for more information on how we can help:

Homeless to Housing

  • Find Safe, Affordable Housing—Once referred through Coordinated Entry, we will work in partnership with referral agencies to find safe, affordable housing.
  • Rental Assistance (Rapid Rehousing/Permanent Supportive Housing)—rent assistance and support for rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing.
  • Family and Child Stability—in partnership with referral agencies, this program serves “hidden” homeless individuals and families who lack a permanent home.
  • Travelers Aid—a relocation service to a safe, supportive location via travel voucher. 

Asset Building

  • Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling—counseling to avoid foreclosure and find connections to mortgage relief resources
  • Financial Empowerment Workshops—workshops on becoming financially literate and taking control of yours and your family's financial health
  • Homeownership Workshops—workshops to help you become a first-time homebuyer, focused on down payment assistance, improving credit score, and making smart choices choosing a home & a lender