Holiday Cheer for our Families

Our staff goes above and beyond to support our customers.
January 26, 2024

In December 2023 one of our staff, Robin, reached out to her friends on Facebook to help a family: “Please help we need a Christmas miracle and some elves. I know this is last minute. Hopefully Marsha and I can make this happen.


One of our customers reached out to us today for her family. We are out of sponsors at work. Right now they are staying in the Shelter. Until something can be worked out. The kids only asked for 1 toy each and 1 book. It is a family of soon to be 6. A mom and her 4 kids. She is due to have another baby next year. They do not have anything.


I know this is a long shot. I knew if we could make this happen it would be through my FB family and friends. If you would like to pick a child or donate please let me know.”


The kids are ages 13, 9, 5, and 4 with a baby due in the new year. Robin, and several friends from around the world, pitched in to help this family in Charlotte. Collectively, they raised funds to purchase 3 outfits for each family member with a coat, shoes, socks, and some toys. We were also able to give 6 outfits and a blanket for the baby, plus essential diapers and wipes. Lastly, staff picked up some cookies for the kids to leave out for Santa and gifted mom a grocery store gift card.


These essentials are often not covered by grant dollars and we rely on individual donors to get families coats, blankets, diapers, holiday gifts, and more. We are ecstatic to support our families as holistically as possible- we wouldn’t be able to get this work done without our incredible staff and generous donors. THANK YOU!


Don’t worry! There’s still time to support our families.