'Families could be stable' | Charlotte housing advocates work to help families in the face of rent hikes

CEO and President Tameka Gunn speaks with WCNC over recent rent hikes and the damage it is causing to our community.
April 21, 2023
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rising costs are causing some people to get behind on rent. That’s why, Community Link is helping families facing eviction get caught up on payments. However, the group is concerned about how the rent spikes are impacting the support they can offer. Tameka Gunn is the President and CEO of Community Link.

“What we're seeing is a lot of the customers that we're serving are utilizing services because their rents are going up,” said Gunn. "And they're going up more than $200 for some places in the Charlotte metro area. We're seeing it even outside of Charlotte, where we also serve Cabarrus County as well, where those rents are just increasing."

Since July 2022, Community Link has spent $85,000 dollars to help people facing eviction through its prevention program. They cover rental backpay and rent going forward to help families stay in their homes.

Gunn said rent increases are pushing some families out of the eligibility bracket.

“Their household income can't be more than 30% of the area median income for their household size," explained Gunn. " And their rent can't be more than the fair market that HUD has provided.”

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