Charlotte Talks: The Rise Of Youth Homelessness

Community Link's former Vice President, Harold Rice, discusses the child homelessness crisis on WFAE's Charlotte Talks.
March 29, 2022
In The News

The National Center for Homeless Education released a report in January revealing there were over 1.5 million homeless students in 2018. That’s a 15% increase from 2015, and the numbers are expected to grow. In a city flush with development, banking and wealth, homeless camps dot the landscape in a stark contrast. What’s causing the surge in homelessness and what is being done to care for homeless youth – the city’s most vulnerable? We discuss the issue with organizations, officials and a young person experiencing homelessness in Charlotte.

Hear Harold Rice discuss this issue, alongside Trish Hobson, executive directory of The Relatives and Malcoln Grahama, Charlotte City Council, District 2.

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